A downloadable game for Windows

Fight your opponents by throwing them boxes and charging against them.
Be the last man standing in order to win.

Boxes get thrown upon releasing the Grab/Throw button.
Brown Boxes: Pick and throw at your enemies.

Red Boxes: Pick and throw at your enemies, it will explode after 3 seconds of picking it up or when colliding with something after throwing.

Green Boxes: Explode upon contact.

A successful charge will knock back your enemies and stun them in place for a short period of time.

Be careful of falling boxes and mind your surroundings!
Sudden death starts in the last 30 seconds.

See screenshot for full control scheme.


Capsule Bash.zip 20 MB
Capsule Bash.pdf 721 kB


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Hello, I am just sending a message to all the people who have submitted a game for this game development challenge.  As a YouTuber and game developer I was asked to judge your entry and I understand how much fun and stressful developing a game can be especially if you are relatively new to it.  I will be going through all these games and will leave feedback on my experience.  I wish you luck in your entry and hope to have lots of fun :)